Passion Project

I launched the website on April 8, 2013, and since then, The Invisible Scar has been visited by more than one million readers.

The Invisible Scar raises awareness of emotional child abuse, its effects on adult survivors, and the power of words on children. The website’s focus is on the awakening of adult survivors to what they endured, getting the help they need, and navigating the journey to emotionally healthier lives.

Best of all, myriad adult survivors have emailed me regarding their own journeys now towards healing. They finally feel like someone understands them, and they want to break free from the abuse and become emotionally healthy.

The Invisible Scar is not a personal blog. Every article that I research and write is meant to provide information and hope to survivors of emotional child abuse. Because of that leaning, the website has become a resource for such sites as HAVOCA, Out of the Fog; Soul Care Resource CentreWords Hurt, Too; and more.

 If you would like to help spread awareness and ideas for the prevention of emotional child abuse, please check out these resources.


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